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About Us

The inspiration behind the products.

Global Registration Solutions is an event technology solutions provider emphasizing products and services that provide solutions for conferences, tradeshows and events. RFID is rapidly evolving in our industry as the "go to" technology because of the reduced costs and accuracy.   



Our Story

Global Registration Solutions was founded in 2007 at the behest of Wyndham Jade who, at the time was looking for a lead service provider. GRS partnered with lead service manufactures to ensure Wyndham Jade clients always received the most updated state-of-the-art equipment.


When Global Registration Solutions decided to add lead retrieval to their suite of services, they made an important business decision in the best interest of their customers. They determined owning the lead retrieval equipment wouldn’t benefit their customers in the long run, even though Global Registration Solutions would add to their bottom line substantially. Instead, Global Registration Solutions rents lead retrieval equipment. The technology behind lead retrieval is so rapidly evolving, they determined that if they owned the equipment, it would be outdated within the year. Clients would either have antiquated hardware, or they would have to burden the cost of new equipment. With the rented hardware strategy, Global Registration Solutions consistently offers their clients the newest, most innovative solutions. More importantly, Global Registration Solutions is able to build a solution specifically meeting the needs of every client.


Global Registration Solutions has been an agile company from the beginning and has quickly adapted to the business goals of their customers. When a client approached them requesting an RFID attendee tracking system, Global Registration Solutions immediately started researching RFID technology. Since Global Registration Solutions was developing their solution completely in-house, they could choose among any hardware components available on the market, but they wanted to be confident in selecting the optimum system. Global Registration solutions rigorously tested the system in a controlled environment until quality assurances were met, and determined their system was ready to go live.


With the debut of their RFID solution, a whole new market opened itself to them. Now that they could unobtrusively track attendance, Global Registration Solutions offered more tracking services to their clients. Exhibitors now have access to a new world of metrics. The show floor traffic numbers could be made readily available, as well as session metrics for different speakers. Understanding which speakers are popular with certain attendees provides exhibitors with valuable and actionable information. Also, Global Registration Solutions could now monitor attendance information for sessions which awarded continuing education units.


Global Registration Solutions RFID application is based on the Impinj Software Development Kit (SDK). As an event attendee walks within range of an antenna, the RFID reader sees the UHF RFID tag and sends the unique ID to a database. For post-show, Global Registration Solutions has developed a reporting tool that clients use to gauge the success of their event. With the reporting tool, exhibitors can perform cohort analysis and learn how similar groups of attendees were engaged with the event. This information allows exhibitors to make more informed decisions for their next event, maximize their return-on-investment, and create a better overall experience for attendees.

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