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Because we cherish the event insights process, the products and services we offer are designed for seamless usability and radical insight capturing. We pride ourselves on enhancing the show management, attendee and exhibitors experience.




RFID is a very accurate tracking tool used to measure the attendees' movements in and out of events that are designated by show management to be tracked and monitored. RFID is a non-obtrusive process for the attendee. It allows the attendee to pass through designated locations/events without being stopped and scanned. We offer real-time analytics as outlined below:



Web-Based Reports show attendee movements in and out of a particular session as well as the duration of their visit.

Demographics Trends are identified using the information collected during the attendee registration. You are now in control of data that allows you to drill down by region, state, registration types, professional suffix, and other types of data collected. In short, if you collect it, we can report on it and tie that valuable information to RFID tracking.


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Custom Web Pages designed for YOUR event (Profile, Survey, Merchandise, etc.) 


Dashboards designed to keep show responsibilities organized and centrally located


Web Services for seamless integration between member databases for member validation and social networking


Online Real Time Reporting with drill down capabilities to help you analyze data

Badge Printing with total customization for session tickets, materials pickup, receipts, agendas, meal functions, etc.



On-Site Registration


Network Setup
Registration Processing and Temp Management
Self-Scanning On-Site Check In
Self Registration Kiosks
Real-Time Payment Processing
Badge/Ticket Printing
On-Site Reporting
Session Scanning & Reporting
Lead Retrieval
Lead Retrieval


Handheld Unit provides complete mobility. The lightweight design with a bright LCD color display makes capturing leads easy and effective. Managing your leads is made simple by the touch screen and the “real-time” access.


Mobile App is for those who wish to use their own smart device. Our mobile app is easy to use and most importantly, it is easy to set up. This option allows you to set up your own surveys, custom action codes, take notes, email, etc. All leads are “real-time” and you never have to worry about checking out/checking in equipment.


RFID Self Check-in provides all the functionality of the mobile app except no scanning. Our RFID technology allows you to use the same RFID tag to read short range (lead service or session scanning) and long range (Expo Hall entrances, general sessions, social events, etc). Allows the attendee to rapidly

check in and out of sessions for CEU requirements.


In-Booth RFID is designed to work in conjunction with lead retrieval to provide you with true insights around trends taking place in your booth. Whether you want to know who came to your booth, how long they stayed, where they visited, we have the tools in place to make it happen.

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